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henzhen Gineyea Technology Co., LTD.

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INEYEA is a professional manufacturer specialized in high-end bicycle parts.

We mainly produce Bicycle Headsets, Bottom Brackets, pedal,quick release seat clamps, bicycle tools and customized parts.

GINEYEA focuses on bicycle headsets for over 15 years and we are the leading brand in bicycle headsets industry in China.

With a strong R&D team, GINEYEA's bicycle headsets and bottom bracket are able to fit any size and any type of bicycle.

Rider's desire, continuously improving. GINEYEA wishes to assist you to create a better cycling world.



  • 耐用的自行车踏板大平台踏板

  • 自行车踏板Soomth Runing 3轴承踏板

  • 脚踏车用塑料脚蹬尼龙脚蹬

  • 耐用的自行车踏板大平台踏板

  • 自行车踏板Soomth Runing 3轴承踏板

  • 脚踏车用塑料脚蹬尼龙脚蹬

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